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    Following more recent developments with CBD based products, Leaf Life Living Ltd has developed The Leaf Life. Featuring three terrifically tasty drinks, people in the U.K. and beyond can now experience the benefits of CBD in a convenient can. The Leaf Life is available throughout the U.K. at all good health food shops.

    Ethical vegan food distributor Bravura Foods and CBD manufacturers Nootro Labs have been at the forefront of the increasingly popular vegan food market for almost a decade.

    Multiple award winners in the plant-based arena, Bravura have become one of the major players in the vegan food market by developing their own successful brands such as Peanut Hottie and Free From Fellows.

    Bravura has also helped other independent brands such as Panda Liquorice, Freedom Mallows and Captain Kombucha break the UK food market. Today alongside Nootro Labs, Bravura Foods have pioneered innovation with novel ingredients such as CBD, bringing you the best creations to date.