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CBD Asylum

We are purveyors of the world’s finest Cannabidiol products, a wondrous emporium of colour, taste and intrigue and our ethos is that CBD does not have to be the foul tasting, under the counter go-to that it once was.

It’s 2021 and we’re combining science with nature- giving you palate drenching tastes and oh so simple products that also effectively harness the power of CBD. We have products suitable for everybody, whether you’re a top level athlete looking for a new best friend in post workout recovery, or simply want to drop CBD into your busy lifestyle for some extra support we are your go-to.

We’ve got CBD Oils, CBD E-liquids, CBD Creams, CBD Tablets and even CBD Sweets & Gummies so take a peek -there’s a product to suit every taste, preferred method of administration and even budget.

And we’re not just all frills, oh no- all our products are manufactured in an ISO level 7 cleanroom, adhering to extremely high food and e-liquids manufacturing processes and priding ourselves on world class attention to detail.

You’d be mad not to join the asylum!