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When Pachamama first started their research, they were astonished at the caliber of CBD products on the market at that time. They found that reliable products were extremely hard to come by.

Most extraction facilities rely on multiple strains of hemp from multiple farms to extract enough CBD to meet demand (Changing in the UK due to new FSA regulations as of the 31st of March 2021). They sought a solution to this process — single-origin hemp — one strain cultivated by one farmer.

Pachamama also didn’t want to compromise on quality during the extraction process. That’s why they employ a USDA Certified Organic, proprietary air extraction method to extract their CBD. It does not use any CO2, hydrocarbons or solvents.

To top it all off, they steer well clear of any artificial flavours and sweeteners in order to provide pure, targeted products. You will only ever find their CBD extracts coupled with the most powerful superfoods and plant-extracts sourced from around the world.

Through the years, they’ve learned that it’s simply not enough to just tell you that they stay clean and pure. They have to show you. Through staying meticulous with their process, they obtained the Clean Label Project’s Purity Award in a market where truly pure products are few and far between, they were the first of only three CBD brands in the entirety of the U.S to ever acquire this award that is only given to companies after thoughtful consideration and rigorous lab-testing — as a way to prove to you that they are a brand you can fully trust.