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Today Endoca grows over 2,000 acres of organic hemp. They have built a factory that complies with all pharmaceutical standards, and continue to keep patient safety as their number 1 priority.

They ensure that all products are clean and safe to use, even for people with a very low immune system.

Endoca have grown into a business with over 100 employees, and are working hard to optimise the process from seed to shelf. They strive to make CBD available globally and affordable without any compromise on the quality.

People are suffering from many diverse health concerns. What Endoca does is they create a product that helps them. Endoca feels it is their moral obligation, with their knowledge of cannabis and CBD, to make cannabinoids available to everyone globally. One of their goals is to make CBD commonplace in the homes of people around the world by 2030, and they aim to make CBD a household staple just like salt or garlic.

As they continue to grow, they are bringing local farmers on board and are providing them with the know-how and equipment, to grow hemp for Endoca directly.

Endoca will be transforming millions of acres of non-organic land into organic farmland. This means they will can change common agricultural practices and give farmers the means and land to support them to make more ecological choices and by doing so, make a huge positive impact on the global pollution problem.