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    Mood is made up of old friends with a passion for helping those around them, it seems to have been their duty since CBD became legal for use in the UK in 2017. Being avid CBD takers to help them gain control of their moods and sleep, word soon got out amongst their friends and family on the life changing benefits they’d discovered. Suddenly, a family member needed some for his back pain, another to help recover from a snowboarding accident and friends and their friends needed it for better sleep and reduced anxiety. They quickly realised that no matter the age, pain or feeling there was a place for CBD.

    The list of recommendations and endless product sourcing goes on and after years of helping those around them, they figured it was time to spread their knowledge a little wider. However, they often felt dissatisfied with consistent issues surrounding the industry such as misinformed products, unsafe methods, lack of purity & taste and even products that contained no CBD. The past 2+ years they've been on a mission to put this right by spending their time in the lab, on hemp farms and traveling to source premium organic ingredients in order to create the perfect tasting and most effective daily solution.

    Mood was born from supplying friends and family with other companies products, but now proudly their own, delivered to the many and they’re pretty sure you’d agree, it’s a game changer. They’ll transport your mind away from everyday stresses and make each moment that little bit more special. When you use mood a positive outlook becomes the only outlook.

    Enjoy the moment.