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    Fit CBD, one of the single best source for natural and organic plant based CBD products designed to help with pain relief, sleep and muscle recovery to support an active lifestyle. Their range of groundbreaking products provide a safe, natural, and legal alternative to toxic painkillers and sleeping pills for anyone who experiences chronic pain or insomnia, from professional athletes, to regular gym goers to long-term sufferers of chronic pain and sleep issues.

    Chronic pain causes daily distress to millions of people all over the world. Unfortunately, their own mother is one of them. Her ongoing arthritic pain meant that she was resorting to using toxic painkillers on a regular basis just to get through the day. Over time this resulted in having a huge impact on her lifestyle both physically and mentally. 

    They wanted to give her another option, a completely natural one that would be safe to use long-term. But after searching the internet extensively, they realised that a natural, organic, plant-based alternative to pain killers simply didn’t exist…so they decided to create their own.