Is CBD suitable for Children?

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Is CBD suitable for Children?

With the popularity of CBD products growing, as people have seen it can be used to treat a wide range of health issues, many parents have been wondering if CBD could benefit their children. 

Before deciding on whether CBD is right for your child we recommend that you always consult a Doctor first. In this blog we have collected together all the facts you need to make the best decision for your child!

What is CBD?

CBD or ‘cannabidiol’ is a chemical compound known as a cannabinoid found natural in the cannabis and Hemp plants. As sold in the UK, CBD does not contain ‘THC’ which is the chemical responsible for giving cannabis it’s characteristic ‘high’ feeling. CBD is safe, non-psychotic and numerous studies have suggested it has multiple health and therapeutic uses. 

CBD for Children

CBD is legal for minors in UK law, however trade bodies advise against selling it to under 18s. Children can take CBD,  but unless prescribed it is best to not give it to toddlers. There are few studies so far that have been carried out into the safety of CBD for Children. 

Preliminary studies have into CBD and a reduction in childhood seizures have been positive. However the CBD used in these studies is only available upon prescription from a medical professional. 

As a result of the preliminary studies showing no safety concerns, some parents feel confident about adding CBD to their child’s diet. If you do decide CBD will be safe for your children, be aware that children need to be given the highest quality product. 

To Choosing this type of product ask these questions before you purchase: 

  • Is the total CBD content display clearly on the label? 
  • What is the CBD oils origin? 
  • Where was it grown? 
  • How was it extracted?  

The amount of CBD a child is given is also really important to get right. It will often be the case with CBD products that the recommended dosages have been designed for adults, so it is not advisable to go by these. Instead, the amount should be calculated in accordance with the child’s weight. 

Further Advice

The World Health Organisation and many other medical bodies have found no health threat from the use of CBD. It has many potential benefits for children. With the proper care and attention in choosing the right product and dose; it is likely CBD can be taken safely by children. We high recommended talking to your Child’s doctor first, especially if your child is on other prescription medication. 

If you are unsure about your child ingesting CBD there are a range of CBD creams and bath products which can are great for stress relief and common skin complaints. Browse our site for excellent quality products and for more informative advice.

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