CBD for Asthma

CBD for Asthma 

Almost one in eleven people in the UK are living with Asthma. The seriousness of the Asthma can differ from person to person. 

Whilst some are able to control the worst of it with the correct medication, many forms of asthma can be significantly debilitating for the sufferers. 

As a result of this, many people living with Asthma have turned to CBD and the wellness benefits it brings to use alongside their existing Asthma medication. 

Whilst CBD cannot cure Asthma, it has been proven in many studies to reduce the inflammation which, untreated,  can result in an asthma attack. 

Read on, to find out if a CBD product can alleviate your stress in managing your Asthma. 

What is Asthma? 

Asthma, is characterised by a difficulty in breathing, with the person suffering from shortness of breath, chest cramps and coughing. It is caused by inflammation and swelling in the a person’s airways, which have become inflamed from an irritation that has entered into the Lung. 

What is CBD?

CBD or ‘cannabidiol’ is a chemical compound known as a cannabinoid found natural in the cannabis and Hemp plants. 

As sold in the UK, CBD does not contain ‘THC’ which is the chemical responsible for giving cannabis it’s characteristic ‘high’ feeling. 

CBD is safe, non-psychotic and numerous studies have suggested it has multiple health and therapeutic uses. 

The main benefits it can offer in the treatment of Asthma is reducing inflammation, relaxing the nervous system and as an antispasmodic. 

Below we’ve explained how CBD can do all these things:

CBD and Lung inflammation - The studies and research are on-going on whether CBD can aide lung inflammation. The anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD are widely known and recent studies have indicated this can be translated to aid the recovery of the lungs as it assists in possible tissue lost.

CBD and Airways - A noticeable effect of asthma is how it restricts a persons’ airways. In recent studies CBD has been shown to have positive benefits in the opening up of airways. This can be great as better quality of breathing means better circulation across the body. 

CBD and Pain Relief - A lot of nasty and uncomfortable pain can occur during an asthma attack. CBD is a proven pain-reliever as it interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which controls nerve ending responses. 

CBD and Antispasmodic - Muscle spasms in the lung and diaphragm occur in an asthma attack. Taking CBD regularly can provide relief from muscle spasm. This has been shown in new trials that are testing CBD for relief from epileptic fits. 

How long does CBD take to work for Asthma?

The benefits of CBD don’t happen overnight and actually there are more benefits from CBD if it is taken consistently over a longer period of time. According to recent studies CBD in oil form can stay in your system anywhere from 2 to 5 days when taken regularly. 

If you are new to CBD make sure you closely follow the dosage instructions of the particular product you have chosen. Do not rush using it expecting result over-night, CBD builds up in the body and begins to work 1-3 weeks after regular dosages. 

The recommended starting dose for CBD oil is around 20mg per day. 

CBD products to try for Asthma treatment

We suggest picking carefully when trying to decide what CBD oil product is right for treatment of your Asthma. We recommend talking to your doctor to ensure the CBD will not interact badly with your current Asthma medication. 

Another thing is to consider, is how you want to take it. Read on to find a method that suits your needs: 

CBD Vape/Inhalation - CBD oil can be purchased as an e-liquid. Vaping, in recent years has become a popular and healthier alternative to smoking. Inhaling it means it bypasses the digestive system and the great effects of CBD are arrive in the lungs sooner. 

CBD oil/CBD oil spray - another easy method to receive CBD oils benefits. Applying ‘sublingually’ or under the tongue is the bodies faster method of absorption, meaning you will receive the benefits in the shortest amount of time. You can also more easily adjust the dosage, 

CBD gummies/Chewing Gum - These products often provide the low level of dosage that new users are looking for. They can come in a variety of products and flavours and are great to have on-the-go. These could be used for relief from mild stress, sleeplessness, anxiety and pain. These genuinely take longer to take effect, but if you’re looking for the most convenient method of consuming CBD then this is it. 

Bath Bombs/Shower Gels - Muscle relaxation - The CBD bath bombs, because they aren’t for consumption contain higher concentrations of CBD oil. The combination of Epsom salts and CBD in the water will relax muscle of an extra strenuous day. This may be a great recovery method if you have had a bad asthma attack. 

Browse and Choose

We pride ourselves at Hemprove in selecting the best products for our customers. We were closely with all our suppliers ensuring they upholding the highest production standards for CBD oil products. 

Fancy some help or more advice? - Browse our blogs or chat to us online now so you can start your CBD wellness journey today!

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