Why do I need to put my CBD oil under my tongue?

Why do I need to put CBD oil under my tongue?

If you are very new to CBD oil use this may seem like a strange and off-putting questioning. However when it comes to taking CBD oil putting it under your tongue or ‘sublingually’ is the most common and effective way to receive CBD benefits.  

How is CBD absorbed under the tongue? 

CBD is absorbed by the mucous membrane tissue that makes up the underside of your tongue. It is covered in tiny capillaries that can absorb, then transport the CBD straight into your bloodstream.  

Taking CBD oil in this way had been proven to be up to 10 times more effective than oral methods, (where you just gulp it down). The sublingual method means the bioavailability of the CBD is 23% which gives higher a absorption rate compared to when CBD is swallowed.  

The CBD does not enter the digestive tract, where your body’s natural enzymes, including those in your saliva begin to break down the CBD, leaving you at risk of not gaining all the benefits.  

Why is it right for me?

Many uses find this method of placing a few drops under the tongue as the most convenient and easy way to take the dose they wish. Also you may have trouble swallowing capsules; this method does away with that angst, leaving all the benefits.  

The pipet or dropper provided also helps you control the size of your dose, adding to the ease of receiving your dose.  

Most importantly, you may feel you do not want to lessen the effects of CBD and maximise your benefits. This method bypasses the digestive system leaving the CBD compounds in tact.  

Tips on taking CBD from a dropper or pipette 

Take the lid of your CBD oil off.  

Squeeze the rubber tip to fill the glass dropper with oil.  

To help, do it in front of a mirror. Raise your tongue and place the dropper close to your raised tongue placing a few light drops either side. It is advisable, if possible not to let the dropper touch your mouth for hygiene reasons. Putting bacteria back inside your CBD oil may cause it to expire quicker! 

After this, close your mouth and hold it still for 60-90 seconds allowing your mouth to absorb the CBD oil sufficiently. After this you can swallow what remains in your mouth.  

It may have a bitter, earthy taste, which for new users may not be too welcome. If, after a few tries it really isn’t to your liking, there are plenty of other ways and other CBD products where you can  receive it’s benefits.  

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