When is it the right time to start increasing your dose?

When is it the right time to start increasing your dose? 

The most common complaint of first-time CBD users is that it isn’t working for them. They are most likely using it wrong or not giving it enough time to work. If, however you have been using it for a while, and are still not getting the affects you wanted it may be time to adjust your dosage. Read on to find out when the right time to increase your dosage is. 

Factors that affect CBD 

There are a number of biological and dietary factors to take into consideration when considering what dose is right for you. The of CBD you take should be taking in line with: 

Weight and BMI - A measure of CBD that has worked for your friend or partner may not suit your body shape and type. Similar to a lot of things CBD works in accordance of a persons weight and BMI; the bigger your stature, the larger your dosage of your CBD should be. 

Sex - CBD can affect men and women differently. The hormonal patterns of many women’s menstrual cycles means that women are often more susceptible to the effects of CBD than men. That is not to say, that men can’t benefit from CBD, but often men will need to gradually increase their dosage to suit  their personal health needs. 

Frequency and Dosage - A slightly more obvious factor, but the more you take the more there will be in your body. We never recommend taking over the stated dosage. If you are new to CBD always start with a lower dosage and gradually build up and adjust to your needs.

Natural Cannabinoids -  How CBD effects your body depends on your bodies natural chemistry. Some people naturally have much lower levels of endocannabinoids in their bodies. For these people, taking CBD regularly will ensure their cannabinoid levels stay consistent. This system is important for nerve responses, Digestion and regulating sleep. 

Increasing your Dosage 

Firstly we always recommend if you are new to CBD to begin with the lowest dosage suggested on the product. It is always better to begin lower and adjust as you go, rather than taking too much. 

When you are taking CBD you need to remember your overall goal- How do you want it to help you?  You may consider questions like; 

  • How do I want to take it ? 
  • Why am I taking it? 
  • How are extreme are my issues? 

There are few negative effects to taking CBD. However if you take too much, too soon it will cause your tolerance level to go too high, and reduce any good effects the CBD can potentially do in your body. 

CBD actually builds up and is stored in the body, so if you feel you have built up a negative amount of tolerance it is advisable to stop taking it for a couple of days while your body resets and your endocannabinoids level out in your body. 

Final advice 

The best advise is to always increase a little at a time, carefully monitoring how your body responds in the following days. Always pick a good quality product as this too, will impact how it affects your body. Most importantly as for advice and support – it is your health after all! 

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