What to avoid when taking CBD

Things to avoid when taking CBD

People who are beginning their CBD journey with very little knowledge, often give up on CBD way too soon. Whilst CBD has many great benefits and qualities it is essential to know your stuff before spending your hard earned cash on the wrong product.

As much as choosing the right product is important, so is knowing what you should and shouldn’t be doing taking it. Having the correct advice will ensure you get the most out of your CBD experience. We have gathered together some of our best tips of things to avoid when taking CBD.

What to Avoid

Buying Cheap or unsafe CBD oils - With CBD becoming increasingly mainstream the market has been flooded with often poor quality products. Before you buy it is essential you do your research on the company, the product and its safety. We suggest you only buy from reputable brands; that upon request can show you up to date lab reports and testing. Some bogus brands will often use harmful chemical extraction techniques to extract CBD from the Hemp plant, which can be left in the end product.

Further, good quality CBD will cost you, because proper extraction techniques are expensive. But we seriously advise you that paying a little more is worth it- remembering that your health is at stake.

Believing CBD will fix everything - Lots of companies trying to push CBD as a miracle cure for everything are feeding into people’s health anxieties. CBD can help with the common symptoms that are similar to a lot of conditions for example; headaches, muscle aches, menstrual cramps and stress. Whilst thousands of people, using CBD properly have received wonderful results, there is still much research to be done in the CBD world. How you take it and how long you have been taking it also affects the results you get.

Checking country of origin - Different countries have different laws that govern the manufacturing and consumption of CBD and Hemp products. Similarly different countries have different laws on pesticides used in agriculture. Hemp is a bio-accumulator, which means it is more likely to absorb what it comes into contract with, meaning imported and unregulated CBD products may do more harm than good.

Not Consulting a Doctor Before Using CBD - If you are on prescription medication, for your own health and wellbeing it is essential you consult your doctor before you begin taking CBD, mostly if you intend to consume it. Whilst CBD is not harmful there is still insufficient research into how it interacts with prescription medication, so ensuring the combination is safe, speak to your doctor. If you are unsure the beginning with CBD bath bombs or CBD creams and balms for topical application are a great route in if you are hesitant.

Hemprove's Help

Never forget why you’re thinking about CBD or why you’re researching for information about it - it’s for you and your health. You are worth the time it takes to research and select the right brand because it is your health and wellbeing that is at stake. As the consumer you are in control, demand the best for yourself from the brand you choose and the right one will deliver the best CBD products twice over.

You can trust us. For more advice and support try our online live chat with experts or browse more of our informative blog posts to begin your CBD wellness journey!

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