Top 3 Immune Boosting Foods to eat when taking your CBD

Top 3 Immune Boosting Foods to eat when taking your CBD

As we all enter the colder months it is more important than ever that we think about our immunity. There are a number of super foods that can enhance your CBD experience and boost your immunity, for a healthier, more resilient you.


Top 3 Immune Boosting foods

There are countless natural products that can boost immunity. Below are our top 3 that work best alongside your daily CBD.

Kale - is high in fibre, antioxidants, Vitamins C and K which both work in the body’s natural immune system to prevent various health problems. Kale is a natural antioxidant helping the body remove sometimes harmful and unwanted toxins. CBD works by enter the body’s natural endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for immunity, digestion and sleep. The Kale, with it’s high calcium content can work alongside the CBD to boost immunity by dispersing a greater number of antioxidants and minerals throughout the body.

Ginger - Ginger belongs to the same family as turmeric and cardamon. It is widely used to treat Nausea and vomiting because of its strong interaction with the bodies digestive system. Alongside CBD, ginger has anti-inflammatory properties had is used too soothe skins complaints, joint swelling and headaches from stress.

Turmeric - More than just a curry ingredient this bright coloured spice contains several health properties of its own. Turmeric’s top health benefit is that it contains bioactive compounds. These protective compounds help the body combat chronic inflammation. CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties at it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Turmeric and CBD are great for exercise induced inflammation and muscle aches.


How to use them

The versatility of these immune boosting foods are endless. CBD is also available in a variety of forms such as CBD tinctures, CBD gummies, CBD capsules and CBD teas. Think about how you want to take your CBD and try our suggestions for incorporating these immune boosting foods into your diet.

Smoothies - We are sure you have a favourite smoothie flavour. Well it’s time to boost how it works for you by grating some fresh ginger it and adding CBD in you can make the ultimate pre-workout boost your body needs.

Tea - There are a variety of different CBD teas on the market, often infused with immune boosting and wellness foods such as ginger, turmeric and chamomile.

Curries and Sauces - Ginger works as a great base to any curry or spiced dish. This also works well if Ginger isn’t your favourite taste because it will cook down into the rest of the sauce.

Cosmetics and Skin - Probably not so much the Kale for this one but Ginger is sometimes infused into CBD products. Along with it fantastic smell it has similar analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties as CBD, when applied topically on to the skin. This can come in a variety of products such as CBD bath bombs, CBD creams and CBD balms.

CBD capsules - There is a vast range of CBD capsules that are infused with Ginger and Curcumin (the active compound in Turmeric). The capsules have measured amounts of both and are easy to take.


Our Help

We want the best for you and your health. Chat to us online about Immunity boosting and CBD advice- We are here to help! Whether you are already using CBD or just starting out incorporate these immune boosting foods into your diet and we are sure you will feel a glowing difference in your body!

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