The benefits of using CBD Bath Bombs

The benefits of using CBD Bath bombs 

There is nothing quite like a hot steamy bath after a difficult cold day. As there is an increasing demand for CBD, people are now searching for more and more ways to receive it’s benefits. From CBD gummies to CBD oil, it is hard to limit your number of CBD products.  

If you are searching for an alternative to ingesting CBD then maybe CBD bath bombs are the gift you need to reward yourself for making it through the week! 

What is a CBD bath bomb?  

If you haven’t heard of bath bombs what planet have you been living on? A bath bomb is usually a hard delicious smelling ball that when dropped into the bath immediately dissolves in your bathwater.  

They release beautiful colours, smells, and are packed with organic mixtures of herbs & essential oils that produce an explosion of colour and bubbles in your bathwater.  

CBD bath bombs are full of Cannabidiol or ‘CBD’. This beneficial ingredient will dissolve in the water and provide you with all the amazing benefits of CBD along with a fresh smelling scents! 


We know the benefits of a hot bath; total body and mind relaxation. Imagine enhancing that warm steamy feeling with CBD. Below are just some of the ways a CBD bath bombs will add to your bath: 

Muscle relaxation - The CBD bath bombs, because they aren’t for consumption contain higher concentrations of CBD oil. The combination of Epsom salts and CBD in the water will relax muscle of an extra strenuous day. This is also true of neck and shoulder pains and stresses, the CBD in your hot bath will unkink all those stress knots in your hard working joints! 

Skin benefitsThe essentials oils combined with CBD not only provide relief from mental stress but can also provide benefits for your skin. The antioxidants in CBD oil can tighten skin, making it more elastic and youthful looking. Furthermore, CBD anti-inflammatory properties means it is gentle and can be used to treat common skin complaints such as eczema and acne.  

Pain reliefIf you are suffering from any kind of pain; from headaches, PMS cramps or a bad cold the soothing effect of a CBD bath bomb will provide instant calming relief.  

Mental calm and wellness - If, like a lot of the population you are dealing with mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression then have a CBD bath bomb will give you that much needed relaxation and ‘me’ time. The CBD is beneficial to mental distress as it reacts directly with the body’s endocannabinoid system which is responsible for regulating mood.  

It will boost serotonin level and effectively combat low moods, also easing you into a more restful night sleep.  

Our Help 

Although some bath bombs are novelty items, we are confident of the healing and wellness benefits of our CBD infused bath bombs available on our site. There are many different kinds of bath bombs available with some containing  anything from 100mg of CBD up to 500mg. Depending on what you pick, the CBD bath bombs are also packed with the best essentials oils such as lavender and chamomile for relaxation or citrus oils to feel refreshed.  

The choice is yours and we are more than happy to help you choose! Browse our range and decide what CBD bath bomb you’ll choose for your much needed pamper time! 

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