How to prepare a delicious green CBD smoothie.

How to prepare a Green CBD smoothie. 5 tips.  

The nutritional benefits of a superfood smoothie are unmatched. A green CBD smoothie can have take your health and wellness to new and healthier heights; boosting immunity and strengthening bone density. Adding CBD oil into your diet is easy - and your body will surely thank you for it. 

Follow Hemprove's tips to making the best smoothie for you!  

1. Superfoods are characterised as providing more nutritious benefit than others. These foods will have differing benefits to your body and wellness, so why not have a combination for your morning smoothie pick-up? A great way to pack all your needed daily nutrition into one drink. The combination of ingredients is down to personal taste of course but here are some of our suggestions for a super smoothie base:  

(2 handfuls) Dark, leafy greens, Kale or spinach both work well! 

1 Ripe Avocado - (added greenness and creamy texture)  

1 ½ Banana - provides added creaminess and sweetness to any mix  

Handful Berries - ( also great from frozen) – great source of fibre and Vitamin C 

2cm piece grated Fresh Ginger - adding great flavour and helps fight against viruses and infections.  

1 tsp Honey - natural and gentle with pain soothing properties  

2. Fresh fruit and veg or Frozen can both work well. But Depending on your food processor or smoothie maker; some are more appropriate for frozen foods than others- so check before you begin! 

IF using frozen fruit, you can create a smoothie bowl, a slightly different, but equally beneficial way to consume this nutritious mix. To this, you can add whole nuts and Seed mixtures such as Sunflower and chia seeds. Equally adding dry fruit can offer a welcome texture and sugar boost to your mix. Before blending always add your CBD oil or CBD supplement to ensure it is properly and deliciously blended into your mix.  

3. For the base of the smoothie your favourite alternative milk will work well. We recommend Coconut milk or almond milk. For extra luxuriousness ½ a can of full fat coconut milk  or yogurt can help you feel fuller for longer! 

4. Blend your fruit, veg and base liquid first and after 10-15 seconds stop the blending and add your choice of spice, we suggest cinnamon. Then add the 15mg+ CBD oil tincture or Nano CBD drops. Always be careful with the proportions, relating it to the number of people who will be consuming it. You can adjust the dosage if you are know what works for you.  

5. DO not be afraid to experiment! No two people’s tastebuds are the same, and playing around with flavours and different fruit/veg combinations is a fun way to discover what you like and don’t like; as well as adapting the recipe to serve the needs of your own body.  

A great start to the morning or a post-exercise boost adapt our advice to create your own unique CBD Green Smoothie Mix ! 

Check out or other blogs for further advice and support to learn about more health benefits of CBD!  

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