How to Maximise your CBD experience

How to Maximise your CBD experience 

So you’ve heard the hype about the benefits of using CBD, spent a fair chunk of money on some CBD products and you are really not ‘feeling’ anything. We’re sorry to tell you that this time it could be you and not the CBD. But do not fear, we are here to give the best advice to repair and maximise your CBD experience. 

The growth in popularity of CBD has meant the market has been flooded with an alarming amount of disreputable and often just plain dodgy products. In fact, a recent scientific investigation found that less than a couple of years ago, up to 65% of online CBD oils and other CBD products were mislabelled in terms of the amount of CBD that was listed on the bottle. This is not only dangerous but this kind of dishonesty can make people loose trust in buying CBD products completely. 

However before you become a keyboard warrior and start to chase a bogus company, it is always helpful to remember that the active compound in CBD can often be tricky to deliver to the body’s cells. Below we will discuss how to pick the right product and use it correctly to ensure you are getting the maximum effects CBD can possibly give. 

Maximising CBD tricks 

It is helpful to remember CBD can be taken in a variety of ways. From, CBD oil tincture, CBD gummies, CBD capsules, CBD balms and CBD drinks you must ensure you’re taking it the best way for you. Decide what area of your health and wellness you want CBD to help in, browse our helpful blogs for advice and pick the most appropriate product for your wellness needs. Take on our handy hints below to maximise your CBD experience: 

Read the advice and RecommendationsA boring one for rule breakers and obvious one for the clever clogs amongst us, but it is imperative that you read about taking the correct dosage of the product you have bought. All our metabolism and body masses are different; so the correct dosage for one person may not necessarily be the correct dosage for you. Ripping open the CBD oil and just dropping it in will most probably mean it goes straight through your digestive system, not allowing your body to absorb any of the benefits. Read our blog on ‘Why do I need to take CBD under my tongue?’ for more information on the sublingual method. 

Full spectrum CBD products - (instead of pure CBD isolate)- ‘Full-spectrum’ means that all the active cannabis compounds are included in the oil or product you have purchased. Cannabis has hundreds of Phyto-cannabinoids and scientific investigations have shown that the therapeutic properties of this compound are significantly more potent from the whole plants, rather than in isolation. 

Eating and Drinking - Adding CBD oil to your usual diet is a great way to start using it. We offer some specially infused CBD teas and CBD coffees to add to your routines. 

Sleeping - If you are reaching out to CBD oil for help with Insomnia and Sleeplessness you may want to consider a CBD product which has melatonin in it. Melatonin is a hormone released by your body which is responsible for regulating your bodies sleep/wake cycle. For more advice on CBD and Insomnia check out our special for blog post on it. 

Time - Up there with reading the directions correctly, allowing CBD time to work for your body is vital if you want to feel the effects. CBD does not work instantly and rather long-term regular use is cited as the most beneficial mode in which to take CBD oil and CBD products. Whilst we all want a quick-fix to our problems CBD can take anything from a couple of days to several months to start working optimally depending on the individual. We are here to support your journey, so keep the faith and turn to us with any CBD questions and advice! 

Our Help 

At Hemprove we aim to be a platform exclusively for the brands we love and trust. We require from our suppliers, full lab reports and regular testing on all our products to ensure your safety. Browse our site, chat to us and choose the product that feels right for you! We are sure you will find it on our site! 

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