How to make CBD Cannabutter

How to make homemade CBD Cannabutter for cooking  

CBD oil has gained in popularity for its pain and stress relieving properties. This has meant that many different ways to ingest it have been developed too. Infusing CBD oil into your everyday cooking is a great and yummy way to receive CBD oils benefits.  


What is Cannabutter  

Cannabutter, as the name suggests is Butter infused with Cannabis. It can be used has a replacement for normal butter or margarine in most of your normal baking recipes;  such as biscuits, cakes and brownies. The main compound is Cannabidiol or CBD which contains the healing benefit associated with CBD oil use.  

Butter is a great choice for CBD infusion because it is high in saturated fat. Anecdotally, saturated fats in the body have been proven to attract the CBD compounds. This is why butter is the most common infusion base for edible CBD.  

There is a lot of research going on about the healing effects of Cannabutter. Studies reveal that it helps relieve chronic pain and people suffering from arthritis have often shown miraculous improvement after the consumption of Cannabutter. In a similar way it is helpful in reducing stress, anxiety and dealing with PTSD.  

Alongside these benefits, Cannabutter also contains beauty and wellness benefits. Cannabutter, is naturally rich in Vitamin A,C, and E, along with Omegas, which are beenfical to skin and hair health. The CBD compound stimulates the cells that produce skin tissues promoting radiant skin 


How to make it

This is our suggested recipe to make your own Cannabutter at home. For a vegan alternative, replace the dairy butter for sunflower or coconut oil.  

Ingredients – This can be altered and varied to suit your taste.  

  • CBD Isolate is the best and easiest supplement available that will infuse your butter with the CBD oil benefits. There is no need to grind down leaves or prepare this in an oven and it can be added right away. The amount is up to you but we suggest 0.5 grams of CBD isolate to every 25 grams of butter.  

  • Salted or Unsalted butter/ Coconut oil  



  1. Boil some water in a pot and place a heat-proof bowl above the pot, but make sure it isn’t touching the water. Reduce the heat of the water and add the butter. 
  1. After the buttered has melted gently, add the CBD isolate. Stir for a couple of minutes until the isolate is fully combined with the butter. Make sure the butter never comes to a boil. 
  1. Pour the mixture carefully into an air-tight contained and refrigerate for best results. 


Now you can add your cannabutter to your pastas, soups, and all you home-baked treats and edibles while reaping the benefits of CBD in your everyday cooking! 

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