How CBD can help your workout routine

How CBD can help your workout routine

Are you looking for something to enhance your fitness or workout routine? Working out and exercise is the best and often simplest way to improve your mood and boost your health. Most health experts recommend we should all be aiming for 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a week to boost our health and in some cases lengthen our life expectancy. Whether you are searching for an addition to your yoga routine or are training for a sports event, CBD can provide the wellness kick your routine needs! 

What is CBD 

CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound derived naturally from the Hemp and marijuana plants. Most UK, CBD does not contain the chemical ‘THC’ that causes the ‘high’ feeling associated with marijuana, so with its minimal side-effects it has become a popular alternative pain and stress- management tool in health and wellness communities.  

The compound CBD interacts with the bodies endocannabinoid system; which is responsible for pain receptors, metabolism, mood, inflammation and immune responses. This response creates anti-inflammatory, stress and relieving effects.  

CBD and Workouts  

The uses of CBD as part of your health and wellness routine are countless. Recently, CBD has gained increased popularity in the Sports and exercise world, being cited for its muscle recovery and anti-inflammatory properties, many athletes realising the benefits of CBD. CBD is not considered a PED or ‘performance enhancing drug’ and so is legal and can be used in sporting events and activities.  

Below are just some of the ways CBD may be the missing piece to your exercise routine.  

Muscle recovery - Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts report that CBD provides support for tense muscles and muscle cool-downs towards bedtime. It is especially CBD that is ingested that can provide the ultimate recovery benefits for your muscles. CBD works by helping your body produce new, healthy muscle to any muscle that was damaged during your workout.  

Furthermore, another great supplement that supports healthy muscle fibres is omega-2 fatty acid. Although mainly found in fish, CBD also comes loaded with Omegas 3,6 and 9 fatty acids. This compound can stimulate the production of muscle cells. Some studies also suggest that taking CBD before a workout routine actually can help reduce the time needed for a warm-up.  

Metabolism – Having a healthy and working metabolism is essential for any fitness fanatic. When taken long-term it can shift one’s metabolism towards stability and calmness. Some research shows that it can almost reduce the accumulation of harmful free radicals and promote fat-burning. When the body is fat burning it means you are less likely to run out of fuel and energy in the middle of your routine.  

Focus and Concentration – The correct focus and concentration is vital in the majority of sports and workout routines. Keeping on task can enhance performance and produce better results-resulting in a happier and healthier you. Athletes have reported CBD provides concentration benefits, making for a more productive workout.  

Choosing the right product  

As with much exercise routines, preparation is everything. So choosing the right CBD product for you is really important to ensure you get the best out of your CBD use. You are going to be spoilt for choice when picking the right CBD product to enhance your exercise workout routine.  

Some CBD products can make better additions to your Workouts than others. Below are Hemprove’s top three suggestions:  

CBD Oil Tincture- These can be taken sublingually 1-2 hours before or after a workout session. The majority of CBD available come with a handy drop lid, allowing Alternatively for a tasty Workout boost try our recipe for a Green CBD smoothie.  

CBD Cream- The right CBD relief and recovery creams are designed to speed recovery from muscle inflammation and discomfort.  

CBD Recovery balms and Roll-Ons- These products provide a combination of premium CBD alongside other organic anti-inflammatory ingredients. It provides a rapid cooling effect for those aching post-workout muscles. Alternatively, used before a workout CBD balms and roll-ons can enhance muscle tension, reducing the risk of tissue damage during your workout.   

CBD can be taken pre-workout or post workout. We suggest for a good pre-workout effect taking a small amount of CBD 1-2 hours before your fitness session will help you feel the optimum effects of the CBD. Alternatively, for the best post-workout effect, take the CBD just before your workout as it allows the CBD to take effect, in time for your workout finish.  

Conclusively, CBD has proved to be an almost miracle answer to wellness and health. It can provide relief from a range of discomforts and can enhance your emotional well-being. At Hemprove we are in constant contact with our suppliers ensuring we only give you the best CBD products out there. Chat to us live online today about adding CBD to your workout routine! 

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