How CBD can help with colds & flu?

How can CBD help with colds & flu?

With the cold weather upon us and covid-19 still being prevalent, it is unfortunately the time for runny noses and yucky coughs. Let us help you stock up on the best remedies and advice to manage those pesky seasonal symptoms.

Many experts have agreed that CBD could help manage the common symptoms associated with cold & flu. From dizziness, headaches, aches, chesty coughs, sore throat and sleeplessness you can find the right CBD product to help you get well quicker.


How CBD helps with Cold and Flu

Anti-inflammatory - CBD is widely used in the world of Fitness for muscle inflammation and recovery. When we have a Cold the Lungs become inflamed and irritated as our body fights the infection in our body. The CBD works by enabling an increase in levels of apelin, a peptide that reduces inflammation.

Sleep - A proper night’s sleep is essential for recovery from any illness. Sleep is the time your body does its most repairing. Pain can often leave feeling restless at bedtime. CBD interacts with the bodies Endocannabinoid system and helps regulate your bodies sleep/wake cycle. With this back in rhythm you are more likely to recover quicker.

Immune response - Evidence suggests long term consumption of CBD can boost your long term immunity. With your immunity strengthened your body will more easily fend off the nasty seasonal coughs and sniffles.


What products to Try

CBD gummies/Chewing Gum - These products often provide the low level of dosage that new users are looking for. They can come in a variety of products and flavours and are great to have on-the-go. These could be used for relief from mild stress, sleeplessness, anxiety and pain. CBD oil can often have a bitter, botanical taste, which for new users may be off-putting so these flavoured CBD goods are great for people unsure about what to pick first.

Sucking or chewing on a sweet can also help relieve a build-up of mucus in the throat, which can in turn ease breathing.

CBD oil creams/balms - These offer varied levels of potency and are good if you are looking for joint or muscle pain relief as they can be applied topically. There are also a number of soothing CBD shower and bath products. A hot bath or Shower with a CBD product could help loosen mucus build up on the lungs allowing for easier breathing. Similarly before bed, it can relax and create the conditions for a more restful night sleep.

CBD oil/CBD oil spray - Another easy method to receive CBD oils benefits. Applying ‘sublingually’ or under the tongue is the bodies faster method of absorption, meaning you will receive the benefits in the shortest amount of time. The majority of these products offer a mid to high potency and may be something you consider as you become more accustom to using CBD oil products.

Make a smoothie and put CBD oil in! A vitamin rich intake and CBD help will a great boost for your body while it recovers. Also an Ice cold smoothie could soothe an aching throat.

CBD VapeCBD oil can be purchased as an E-Liquid. Vaping, in recent years has become a popular and healthier alternative to smoking. Inhaling means it is in your lungs and quickly reaches your bloodstream. If the cold has meant you are having difficulty breathing inhaling CBD may be the best method to relieve this.


Our Advice

Always be mindful that your body may interact differently to CBD when you are ill. If you have a tendency to get slight side-effects from CBD use such as dizziness; this symptom may be exacerbated when you are ill. It is essential to do your research before buying any product to ensure it is right for your health are wellbeing.

Overall, time is the best healer. Be patient with your body and make yourself comfortable as you begin to recover from the illness.

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