Helpful tips to recover quicker from your workouts

Helpful tips to recover quicker from your workouts

Working out and exercising is the ultimate boost for your health and mood. Health experts recommend we should all be aiming for 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a week. Combining CBD oil and CBD products into your exercise routine could enhance your workout as well as assist your bodies recovery from it No more muscle aches tomorrow!

A lot of the greatest athletes will say that the most important part of exercise is ensuring your body is appropriately ready for the exercise, as is making sure it is appropriately cooled down. We’ve gathered some of our top tips to help you recover quicker from your workouts!

Recovering from workout tips!

Stretching - Not the most exciting bit of working out - but definitely the most important and sadly one a lot of athletes skip! Stretching actually prepares the body for high intensity workouts as it increase the heart rate which in turn improves circulation. It can also relieve muscle tension; if this is exercised on it could lead to injury. 

Warm-ups are highly underrated as stretching your muscle pre-work is essentially to optimising performance as well as aiding muscle and body recovery.

Nutrition and Diet - This is as much about how much you are putting in your body as well as what kind of food you are putting in. The food you eat prior to working out are key to help regulate your energy levels as well as pre-empting the tissue rebuilding process, ensuring a successful post workout recovery.

Having a balanced meal 2-3 hours before exercising will give you the appropriate energy you need to recover. Adding CBD capsules to this will mean they will begin working as you start your work out. Why not try our Immune boosting CBD Green Smoothie – great for both pre- and post-work out sustenance and boost.  

CBD and Inflammation – CBD has a number of restorative and anti-inflammatory properties to aid post workout relief. Exercise can cause tiny tears in the muscle fibres, which are the usual cause of pain and stiffness the morning after a workout. CBD works with the bodies Endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for nerve responses, it attaches itself to these nerve ending creating an analgesic and anti- inflammatory effect. 

CBD for Appetite - The issue with intense training can you develop a continually ravenous appetite. Over-consuming the number of calories you need for the workout may reduce the effectiveness of the overall workout in the first place. CBD can naturally reduce appetite and will make you seek high protein and low fat items that are better for exercise recovery. 

CBD and Concentration - CBD can improve concentration during exercise; which may lessen the chance of an injury. It can also help with stress, a more relaxed mind will optimise the work out routine. 

Products for Post work out Recovery

  • CBD protein powders and supplements – added nutrition to balanced meals or post work out Smoothies and Shakes
  • CBD balms and Creams -  Great for massaging into sore muscles after a vigorous workout. 
  • CBD Oil Tincture - Taken 1-2hours before a workout ‘sublingually’ (under the tongue’ – this is the quickest way the body can absorb the benefits of CBD. 


Browse our blogs and our site for the best CBD advice. Whether it is post-work out recovery or stresses at work, Hemprove are sure we have the right product and advice for your health and wellness needs!

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