First time using a CBD brand? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

First time using a CBD brand? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

If this is your first time trying CBD oil and CBD products, then you must be full of questions, right? The rise in CBD use has occurred as people are seeking natural alternatives to fight those everyday bodily grievances.

Whether it is muscle pain from a sports injury of trouble sleeping from stress, it is vital you have the correct information when choosing your CBD product and CBD brand. We have detailed some handy hints to consider when beginning your CBD wellness journey with one of our trusted brands.

Who to trust?

CBD use has risen dramatically in the past five years as more and more people seek its benefits. As a result of the rise in consumers, the CBD market has been flooded with different CBD brands, companies and products; all claiming they are the one for you. However, as it custom this has lead to disreputable brands gaining traction in the market, offering products laced with unknown, often harmful chemicals and pesticides.

This is why we suggest you always do your research. We at Hemprove champion our brands because we have personally used and loved their products. Further than that, for everyone of our products we can provide full lab certification, assuring you of the tests the product has been through before they reach our site. We are vigilant in what we display on our website and are in constant contact with our brands, ensuring they are all keeping up with our high health and safety standards.

Ask questions!

So, how do you find out the safety of a brand and their CBD products? Ask questions!! When thinking about questions consider both the ethical side of CBD production as well as the safety side.

It is extremely important when choosing a CBD brand to know the safety of the product you are about to buy. Consider these things before spending your cash:

  • How much information does the Brand reveal? - If the ownership and information about a brands origins isn’t crystal clear then stay alert. Normally, brands that have been reviewed and talked about are more likely to be reputable and trusted. Mass produced CBD products often have no relationship with the original farmers, and some of these come straight from labs. Origin of the product is important for product safety, always feel confident in the companies ethos and story before purchasing.
  • Are the products lab tested? - We suggest that you never use a CBD brand that doesn’t allow you to see third-party lab results before your purchase. Honest and reputable CBD products are tested for cannabinoid potency, heavy metals, pesticides and biological contaminants. Hemprove requires this information from all our brands, so our consumers have peace of mind in all our products.
  • Is the brand ethical and authentic? - Consider the where the brand is based and created- this can also determine the treatment of their employees as well. Poor company practices deliver poor quality products. Always choose an ethical and open brand which will readily talk about its commitment to ensuring the safety and quality of their product! High quality ingredients produce a high quality and safer product!

If these issues are something you are concerned about, ask these questions directly to the brand before purchasing and seek trusted advice from reputable sites.

The right company or brand will be only too happy to discuss their products and their safety with you.

Remember It’s all about you

Never forget why your thinking about CBD or why you’re researching for information about it- it’s for you and your health. You are worth the time it takes to research and select the right brand because it is your health and wellbeing that is at stake. As the consumer you are in control, demand the best for yourself from the brand you choose and the right one will deliver the best CBD products twice over.

Hemprove is here to Help!

You can trust us. If you need any more advice or support then simply try our online live chat service or just browse more of our informative blogs to begin your CBD wellness journey today!

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