CBD, does it affect men and women differently?

Does CBD affect men and women differently?  

The difference between men and women is well known. As with much medicine and nutrition, many factors determine CBD’s effects in humans, including; body weight, tolerance, method of intake, and certainly in this instance, hormone levels. Research has shown that Men are less sensitive to the effects of CBD oil for pain relief, than women. However, with the correct advice and dosage of CBD oil or other products, men can still effectively enjoy CBD oils benefits.  


Why and How does it work?  

Every user of CBD products will experience the effects differently. With all the variations in our bodies it would be difficult for every person to receive the same CBD benefits. The real difference in use between the sexes is hormonal and genetic levels.  

CBD oil works by attaching itself to certain receptors in the body; for example ones that control pain, reflexes and joint response. All these receptors are important for the body to maintain ‘homeostasis’ – or what can be understood as the bodies ‘middle ground’.  This ‘homeostasis’ position, is more common to men, who have regular and more static hormonal levels.  


CBD Oil for Women

Due to women’s natural and more changeable hormonal cycle, women have a higher density of CBD1 receptors, which means they will often feel the CBD oil benefits, like pain relief,  more easily than men. Furthermore, much research suggests that oestrogen hormones in women- those involved in sexual and reproductive development can also effect how CBD is absorbed in the body.  

Oestrogen levels in women peak, a few days before ovulation. During menstruation particularly, hormones level are at their highest meaning women will be most sensitive to CBD’s effects. Many women will seek pain relief in different forms during their period to relieve menstrual cramps, back pains and headaches. Equally the research for CBD’s oils benefits with conditions with chronic pain, such as endometriosis is on-going, and preliminary studies show positive results in the relief of mild to moderate endometriosis pain. 

The high levels of the oestrogen hormones in their system will help them receive the analgesic properties (pain-relief)  of CBD more readily. Equally the hormonal changes during menopause, will make women more susceptible to the benefits of CBD, to alleviate many of the symptoms that occur during this cycle. Equally CBD’s effect recalibration of hormones also means it helps with stress management and also has been proven to increase sex drive in women.  


CBD Oil and Men   

Some research suggests that there is a possibility that CBD can be used to treat hormonal imbalance in men too. Due to more consistent hormone levels, men may be less receptive to CBD oils benefits. To combat this, many may choose to slightly increase their dosage to enjoy the benefits, and this has been proven to work when taking into account personal muscle density and BMI counts. 

Whilst men do have more consistent hormonal levels, there is some suggestion that CBD used appropriately, can aid the short term rise of testosterone levels. Although long term use may reduce levels, small does of CBD Oil can help increase libido. The endocannabinoid system has receptors across the reproductive system, so short term use of CBD oils or CBD capsules has been proven to stimulate the production of testosterone. A more discerning search on the correct product for you and knowing your desired outcome will help you choose what is right for you.  


What’s right for me?

CBD oil benefits are clearly going to affect each person individually. The genetic and hormonal make up between the sexes is obvious, and being in tune with your body, and it’s needs will help you make the correct decision on what CBD benefits you are searching for.  

 IF you are reaching out and seeking alternative answers, like using CBD products, then you are heading in the right direction for your own body and being in control of your own health.

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