Best type of CBD for Arthritis

Best type of CBD for Arthritis  

Contrary to common myth, Arthritis can affect people of all ages. In the UK more than 10 million people have arthritis or other similar conditions which affect joint and movements. It a common condition that causes pain and inflammation in the joint. This leads sufferers to seek alternative help and advice to alleviate their suffering. The particular compounds within CBD oils can help reduce inflammation and pain associated with the most common forms of arthritis.  

CBD oil for pain has become increasingly popular as both an alternative method and complementary method used alongside prescribed medication for pain relief. CBD oils and CBD capsules or balms it allows the sufferer to be in control of their own pain management. Most attractive of all CBD oil side effects are few and non-severe for the general population making it an exciting pain relieving avenue for suffers.   


How CBD works  

There have been promising studies in both CBD oil ingestion and application used to relieve the symptoms of Arthritis. CBD is a known potent anti-inflammatory agent. Attaching itself to the body’s natural endocannabinoids system, it starts work to regulate the body systems, particularly targeting those receptors responsible for pain and joint reflexes.   

Regular use of CBD can aid the reduction of joint inflammation, the most common complaint of sufferers. Further, long term has shown that CBD can serve as a protector to nerve endings, that control pain receptors.  Not ingested, there is data that indicates topical CBD application had therapeutic potential for relief of arthritis pain and inflammation with no evident side effects detected.  


Product recommendation 

Seeking relief from any pain, arthritis included is never easy. You will probably feel bombarded with contesting advice about which CBD products are best. The real answer is, it’s up to you to try and test for yourself and find out what works for your body. Your bodies reception of CBD oils will be unique to your BMI, genetics and hormonal balances.  But here are some of our recommendations from arthritis sufferers: 

Balms and Creams applied directly to the ailing region have been increasingly popular in arthritis sufferers. We recommend this route, if you are fairly new to CBD oil and alternative pain relief, as it allows you to stay in control of where and when it applied.  

Equally if you are opting for CBD capsules or CBD oil to ingest offers pain an joint inflammation relief as well as the indirect benefit of improving sleep and mood- related issues.   


More help  

Hemprove is always checking our suppliers and their feedback on products, and we often try the products ourselves. Entering the CBD world, both topical and edible can be daunting. But why not check out some of our other blogs for more information!

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