Benefits of Curcumin in CBD?

Benefits of Curcumin in CBD? 

If you are new to CBD use, then there is a lot of industry terminology and jargon to get your head around. Encountering new terms in an unfamiliar area can be difficult, but we are keen to make everything as transparent and simple as possible to ensure you are clued up in all the CBD industry knowledge. So, let's talk about Curcumin in CBD. 

CBD and Curcumin 

CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound derived naturally from the Hemp and marijuana plants. In the UK, brands can only sell CBD that has ‘THC’ content lower than 0.2%. ‘THC’ is the chemical that causes the ‘high’ feeling associated with marijuana. CBD with its minimal side-effects it has become a popular alternative pain and stress- management tool in health and wellness communities. 

There are many supplements and other natural ingredients that are often combined with CBD to enhance its existing effects. One of these is Curcumin. 


Curcumin is one of three active compounds or Curcuminoids, that give turmeric its bright yellow colour. Turmeric is 5% curcuminoids, however curcumin makes up 90% of the curcumin content in turmeric. 

 It is particularly in Eastern cultures where turmeric has been used medicinally since ancient times. You may associate it with spicy food, but it is often used liked CBD as a natural anti-inflammatory and further than that has been proven to have antiseptic and skin-healing properties. 

What is the Benefit of Curcumin CBD? 

Like CBD, Curcumin has a range of health benefits and when combined with CBD can often enhance the effect of the others work on the body. This bodily response is described as a ‘synergistic’ one, where the cooperation of both compounds provides a better outcome, than one compound working on its own. Here are some of the health benefits of both. 

Treating chronic inflammation - Exposure to pollution, poor diet, lack of exercise, stress and a low immune system can all contribute to the body’s risk of chronic inflammation. Both Curcumin and CBD are natural anti-inflammatory whether applied topically or ingested. 

The combination of these two substances is said to help the body naturally reduce inflammation by modulating the body's immune system. CBD has the capacity to suppress and counteract attacks on the immune system through its interaction with the bodies endocannabinoid system. 

Arthritis and swellings - Like how CBD and Curcumin treats inflammation, applied topically it can also reduce swelling and pain associated with arthritis and other joint conditions. 

Digestive help and IBS - In a lab trial on Curcumin’s effect in Irritable Bowel Syndrome, subjects were given between 0.07 to 0.5 grams per day. The results were promising, and this dosage caused a significant reduction in the main symptoms of IBS and increased bowel mobility very early on.’ 

Price - Buying CBD with Curcumin is like a two-in one supplement deal. You will reap the benefits of two different supplements in one product, saving money and maximising your CBD experience. 

Best products for first timers 

Selecting the right product will largely be determined by what you want the product to do for you. Here are our suggestions for first time users of Curcumin CBD. 

CBD capsules/CBD drops We offer a wide variety of CBD capsules and CBD drops with varying percentages of CBD in. We recommend for first time users to go for lower percentage levels and adjust according to how your body receives the CBD. CBD capsules are a fantastic way to receive CBD and Curcumin benefits; they come in easy to swallow pre-measured amounts to deliver the right amount of CBD for you. 

Alternatively taking CBD drops under the tongue is one of the fastest ways the body can absorb the healing and wellness benefits of CBD. You can also get flavoured drops. 

CBD oil creams/balms - These offer varied levels of potency and are good if you are looking for joint or muscle pain relief as they can be applied topically. There are also a number of soothing CBD shower and bath products which are suggested for those who suffer from mobility pains. 

Adding to food - Check out our tips for making a CBD Green smoothie. Adding CBD and Curcumin to your favourite breakfasts can give you that much needed morning boost! 

Our Help

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