Anxiety triggers you need to know about

Common anxiety triggers you need to know about

Anxiety is something almost all of us have experienced before. It is a perfectly natural and biological reaction to certain situations when you feel unsafe. 

However for some people, anxiety can be a cripplingly constant feature of their everyday life, preventing them from completing seemingly simple tasks. Being able to recognise the triggers for your anxiety is a great starting point to begin managing it. 


Anxiety triggers 

Below we have listed some of the most common anxiety triggers. If you recognise these as present features of your current life, it may be time to start a plan to manage your anxiety 

Meal skipping - We are all told that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. Often for anxiety sufferers nausea and shortness of breath in the morning can put them off breakfast. Skipping any meal, will mean a dip in energy and therefore, your mood. If your body is low on sugar you will begin to feel cold and shaky, anxiety will set in. 

High levels of stress - Stress is sadly an everyday feature of all our busy lives. Stress from work, family or a sudden change in your life can trigger anxiety which affects your appetite, mood and sleep. 

Social situations - It is often difficult for anxiety sufferers to do something as enjoyable as meeting friends for dinner. Thoughts may be racing through your head before you leave and you might be constantly checking your bag to ensure you have everything. People are understanding and often taking a step back and allowing yourself 10 mins away from preparing to go out will help you prevent the possibility of a full anxiety attack. 

Financial problems - Bills piling up and rent due can bring on anxiety especially if you know you have a less than secure financial situation. Although anxiety often begins as a psychological reaction, these can begin to affect your body physically. Proper organisation of your financial situation could help you feel more in control of your anxiety. 

A sudden chain in routine - Although routines make us feel safe from our anxiety, comfort zones often stop us from recognising our triggers. A change in routine or plans can trigger anxiety, making us feel insecure and out of control. 


The best CBD products for Anxiety

The CBD product you choose to help manage your anxiety will depend on how you want to take it. This could be related to your diet and routine, so pick the product that best suits your needs!

CBD gummies/Chewing Gum - These products often provide the low level of dosage and be used on the go. They can come in a variety of products and flavours and are great for first time users. These could be used for relief from mild stress, sleeplessness, anxiety and pain. 

CBD oil creams/balms/CBD Bath bombs - These offer varied levels of potency and can ease bedtime routines, allowing a relaxing few minutes time-out. A hot bath is a great stress-reliever as well as a CBD based hand cream for an on-the go boost. 

CBD oil/CBD oil spray - another easy method to receive CBD oils benefits. Applying ‘sublingually’ or under the tongue is the bodies faster method of absorption, meaning you will receive the benefits in the shortest amount of time. A spray is particularly good for anxiety suffers as it is easily administered and carried round. 


Our Advice

CBD helps a great many people manage their anxiety. Many medical experts advise using it alongside professional therapy. Always talk to your doctor if your anxiety worsen and becomes unmanageable. We have a great range of CBD products on our site and are ready to talk to you about all things CBD.

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