Why CBD & Yoga is the perfect combination for ultimate stress relief.

 Why CBD & Yoga is a perfect combination for stress relief.  

The nature of our fast paced, interconnected world has made stress and anxiety a common reality in thousands of people’s lives. To alleviate this, you may be seeking an alternative and manageable method to combat these issues. 

CBD oil is a natural product, that surprisingly shares many of the healing and calming benefits as practising Yoga does. Both CBD and Yoga brought together, can intensify your mind and body connection; and place you in the correct headspace to manage the root of your anxiety and stress.  

Why Yoga  

The pandemic changed the way we work and socially interact, and with this in mind it has undoubtedly affected our relationship with ourselves. This lack of connection and centring of the self leaves room for stress and anxiety to enter. The core practice of Yoga is about achieving supreme body awareness; this means being in touch with what works for your body; and what doesn’t. 

It can be easily practiced at home and is perfect for beginners to begin connecting with themselves and their bodies. Don’t worry- Yoga is not about getting outside your comfort zone; rather is about reconnecting with yourself and being in control of what is right for you.   

The Combination  

CBD benefits and intensifies these reconnecting sessions. The physical actions of yoga, compliment well, the holistic CBD effects. They both; reduce stress, improve mood, aid sleep and alleviate pain 

Firstly, Yoga is about achieving ‘mindfulness’. It can provide helpful breathing and calming techniques to those who suffer from anxiety or stress. Equally the centring and focus on the self in a yoga session can provide an often needed distraction to intrusive depressive thoughts. CBD oil for anxiety had proven and beneficial properties. Consuming CBD capsules or sweets before a yoga session can improve circulation of the neurotransmitters all over you body, releasing much needed serotonin.  

Stress and anxiety occurs when an individual feels a lack of focus from their life or a particular activity. Regular consumption of CBD supplements can improve concentration  and productivity in all areas of your life. This concentration is most effective when practicing yoga, as concentration on your body and its movements helps you centre on what is important, and turn away from those sources of stress.   

Although we focus on the psychological benefit of combining  of Yoga and CBD here, CBD has physical benefits too. CBD benefits and alleviates; joint stiffness, back pain and chronic pain. Alongside regular practice of yoga, this combination can strengthen a persons long term bone mineral density; especially in the hips and spine area; reducing the risk of fractures.  

Beginning a sport or physical activity for many, can seem a daunting and unfamiliar venture. We urge you, in your own time and comfort to try a simple yoga tutorial at home, the benefits may surprise you! 

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