Why CBD makes for such a great gift

Why CBD is a great gift  

Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or just a thank you for being you gift, CBD is a great gift for your loved ones! You may be hesitant wondering if it is the right gift for someone but CBD is completely safe, very soothing and a thoughtful gift.

CBD or Cannabidiol is an all-natural compound that is derived from the  hemp and cannabis plant. The plant has a number of varieties and the plant that CBD derives from does not contain the THC compound which is associated with the ‘high’ feeling of cannabis.  

CBD is safe, non-psychotic, and has been proven in many clinical trials to be an excellent treatment for a wide range of ailments from stress and anxiety to muscle pains and arthritis.  

Here are some great reasons why CBD should be your next gift to a loved one- with a difference!  


Why CBD? 

Trendy – With health at the centre of the news right now, people have sought alternative methods to manage their own health and wellness. CBD oil has risen rapidly in popularity as people opt new routes into healthy and modern lifestyles.  

A recent review of Google searches for CBD recorded that in April 2019, there were 6.4million CBD Google searches, and these searches increased by 160.4% by 2018, compared to 2017.  Do you want your loved one to miss out on the latest, and most popular health trend? CBD is becoming a key part of how people take care of themselves  

Variety- The growing popularity of CBD oil products means the market has a wide variety of products available to choose from, ensuring that you will find the perfect gift. From CBD creams, Shampoos, lip balms to sweet treats there is plenty of choice when deciding on what gift is suitable.  

Convenience- This comes alongside variety- with the number of products on offer there will be a product that suits a certain lifestyle. Consumers report that it is a great option for relieving physical discomfort and promoting relaxation. With it’s all natural compound It can be consumed alongside a yoga or meditation session without a person having to worry about a reduction in energy.  

Natural- With health and environmental consciousness on the rise consumers are seeking products with an all-natural and ethical origin. CBD oils from ethical companies and brands use chemical and pesticide free CBD oil. Do your research correctly and you can pick a gift for the green warrior in your life! 

Love – Choosing CBD oil products is all about taking control of your own health and wellness. By gifting a product like this to a loved one, you are demonstrating your care and love towards their own health and wellness. Nothing says ‘I LOVE YOU’, more than a gift that has stress and pain-relieving benefits- You’re giving them the most valuable gift in modern life – A Rest !  

If you’re loved one already a CBD product user, any existing fan of CBD will always appreciate a restock of their favourite items- or the opportunity to try new ones! 


Product Choices? 

The product you pick should depend on the person who you are giving it too! Do they have a sweet tooth? Or do they enjoy long hot soaks in the bath? Are they sporty and need something to ease their post workout aches?  

There is such a wide variety of products to answer these needs, for example; CBD gummies, CBD infused chocolate treats, to CBD infused bath products and CBD creams and balms for muscles. Why not mix and match to make a little wellness hamper? The choice is yours!! 


Extra support

Our site is a great place to start searching for gifts. We only source from suppliers we trust and received lab reports from and even try a lot of the products ourselves. For more advice or handy hints try our live web chat where our excellent advisors will guide you to the right CBD oil gift ! 

Finally, whatever you decide your loved one will see how much you value their wellness, because of your carefully selected and thoughtful gift.  

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