What Product Is Best For Someone Looking to Start Their CBD Joruney?

First Time Using A CBD Product/Brand? Here Are A Few Things To Keep In Mind.


It is never too late to try CBD products for the very first time & experience all of the natural benefits that everyone else has been shouting about. CBD is very easy to use and ideal for helping people around the globe with issues such as depression, anxiety and aches & pains. These are all major issues that seem to be increasing during these stressful times in lockdown.

With the CBD industry being very much in it’s infancy in the UK, there are still a lot of knots & kinks that need to be ironed out as well as a lot of misinformation surrounding CBD products that should make you want to do your own research and maybe question the integrity of CBD products being sold on Amazon and other online outlets. Finding a brand that you trust and then one of their products that you want to use can be a pretty intimidating process to say the least, especially if you can’t find consistent information.

To top it off what do you do if you’ve never even purchased CBD before, let alone ever used it, how do you know where to begin?

Hemprove has put some basics together that might help you when it comes to making your mind up on your inaugural CBD experience:


Where to even start?


CBD products can be consumed in a multitude of different ways, with some of the most popular methods including CBD oil, CBD vape, CBD balms, CBD capsules, CBD edibles or if you are daring enough CBD Suppositories.

So the first question is, which consumption method suits you best?

Whether you’re looking to experiment with products to enhance your daily skincare routine, looking for products to help deep tissue aches and pains or if you are looking for a bit of anxiety relief.

CBD Balms / Creams – These products are best if you are looking for more localised benefits, such as deep muscle pain or dry skin.

CBD Oil / Liposomes - For stress, anxiety or lack of sleep, both CBD Liposomes and CBD oils are going to more than likely be the answer for you. These types of consumption are rapid acting and allow you to manage your dosage thanks to commonly used pipette delivery systems.

CBD Vape / Smoking –This is the most effective possible way to consume CBD as the majority of the CBD content bypasses the liver which absorbs a lot of the natural benefits before the CBD has chance to work its way in to your blood stream.


What’s the right dosage for me?


Just like with any substance, numerous factors are going to affect your body’s required dose, such as your weight, the strength of the CBD you are taking and also the issue you’re looking to treat. A lot of people tend to jump straight in at the deep end with a high strength product but this can be a bad idea if your body isn’t used to this amount of CBD so Hemprove recommends anyone new to CBD to start off with lower strength CBD products with a smaller dose and progressively increase the strength every month until you feel the required benefits suited to your own personal needs. Many CBD oil UK brands advise just a drop or two to start out but Hemprove would recommend always read the manufacturer's guidelines that can usually be found on the products themselves. With most people having smart phones now it might also be a good idea to keep notes on your phone or calendar to help you keep track.


How do you know if it’s working?


This is really difficult to answer, as everyone’s experience is different. The most simple way to know if the product you’re consumed is working correctly for you is by keeping track of your progress from day 1 to present.

The staff and tribers of Hemprove tend to use a generic 1 – 10 rating scale for anything from pain, sleep or anxiety to skin condition, energy and mood depending on the personal process. Constantly going back to your physical and mental state daily or weekly in order to notice any improvements or lack of (if the dose is too low) in the condition you’re trying to help.

On the rare occasion that you find that several weeks have passed and you have been slowly increasing your dose or strength with little to no results, then you should consider changing the type of product you are taking or the method of consumption to see if that helps or changes anything.

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