The “Entourage Effect” of using multiple CBD products

Taking CBD or using CBD on a daily basis has beneficial effects that may not be apparent, in the short term or over the longer term, you may have seen our strap line, “It's not about how you feel, it’s about how you don’t feel” which may seem like a bit of an odd one.  It’s about getting up one morning and realising that ache has gone, or the sleep you just had was deeper and more restful, or the anxiety has decreased etc., it’s not about instant cures, or instant wow moments (with the exception of vapes, which I’ll come on to later).

"Personal CBD journeys are just that, they’re personal and everyone has a different need or want." 

Government guidelines suggest a recommended 70mg of CBD per day, this can vary greatly depending on the person and your experience of taking CBD.  Take too much on day one and you may feel quite nauseous, don’t take enough and you may not feel any benefit at all.  Some elite athletes take 350mg – 500mg a day, they build up to this and find the benefits in terms of recovery, focus, ongoing wellbeing, extremely helpful, all Hemprove CBD products are within the UK Novel Food License requirements and the CBD taken by sports people are all acceptable by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency).


Ok so there’s a plethora of ways in which to get your CBD or to enjoy the benefits of CBD, most commonly it’s via CBD oil drops, but there’s other “edible” ways to ingest CBD, CBD Capsules, CBD Cookies, CBD Gummies, CBD Chocolate, CBD Tea, CBD Coffee, CBD Infused soft drinks there’s even honey and honey sticks, cooking oil, the list goes on.

Given the explosion in the UK CBD industry and the CBD industry Worldwide, it’s no wonder there’s so many ways in which CBD manufacturers are finding more and more pleasant or enjoyable ways to take your CDB.


Another way to get your CBD is to vape, (I promised you I’d come back to this) as a rule, most CBD vapes do not contain any nicotine, so they’re not addictive, and vaping CBD is a much quicker way to feel the benefits, although the ongoing benefits will not last as long as CBD Oil or CBD Capsules etc.  They can be good for anxiety or nerves when needed, easy to take and put back in your pocket.


Mixed with that, if you have any injuries, or do sports, you may want a pain relief balm, muscle rub, or a soak in the bath with a CBD bath bomb, use some CBD shampoo, or CBD beauty products, active sports people may want to use a CBD infused whey protein drink as part of their pre or post workout regime.

So, what is the “entourage effect” with CBD?

Taking CBD drops, or capsules first thing before breakfast, helps gets your day going, a good brand at the right dosage should be effective throughout the day, maybe a snack (CBD cookie, CBD gummies, CBD chocolate, or similar) throughout the day, a vape if needed and some more drops or capsule in the evening before bed, would give you an overall entourage effect throughout your day, keeping within the dosage for your weight and levels of experience with CBD.

Using a multiple of CBD health products, as an overall part of your daily regime, will give more effectiveness on a day to day, than using one thing, and only as and when you think you need it.

Don’t think of your CBD as a one-off, like you would a pain killer or an anti-biotic, think of it more like you would a multi-vitamin, or daily exercise and of course, nothing is better for you than a good balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Where to next?

Hemprove always look for the best products available in the UK, not sure what to get?  Speak to us, we'd love to hear from you, we are avid fans of CBD, we've been using CBD for years now and want everyone to feel the benefits that we feel every day.

Start slowly and low dosage, build up, get advice from your Doctor especially if you have any underlying health conditions, give it time, it's not going to be instant and hopefully you'll love CBD as much as we do.

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