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Sorting out my frozen shoulder – Jonathan (mid 50’s)

Having an active lifestyle, with many trips to gym, cycling, walking etc. it was a real problem to everyday life, when the pain started to occur in my right shoulder and progressively got worse, to the point where, putting on a coat, sleeping and even trying to get my wallet out of my back pocket (insert your own punchline there) became really difficult tasks.

Anyone who’s had this common ailment with sympathise with my plight, it really is a life-changing debilitating condition, it affects sleep, mobility and is there all day, every day.

I embarked on over a year of treatment from a Physio, a Chiropractor and stretching exercises, whilst taking anti-inflammatory pain killers and muddling through.

In the end I saw a specialist, who did various scans and tests, confirmed it was indeed a frozen shoulder and he would book me in for an operation in a few weeks’ time.

At the same time, I was persuaded by my son Josh to go to the first CBD Expo at the NEC in Birmingham in March 2019, to support him in his research into the CBD phenomenon that was sweeping the UK and had been made legal in November 2018.  

I have to say I was a little sceptical, but thought I’d go along and understand what it was all about.  I ended speaking to a lot of very well-informed people, who had a lot of success stories and a lot of information to go with the products there.

I walked away from the Expo with lots of samples, but also some Elixinol Liposomes and CBDFX balm.

Having learnt a lot on the day and done more research, I started taking the Elixinol every morning and rubbing the balm on my shoulder in the morning and evening.  The balm gave some immediate relief from my shoulder and for a few days, I could not see much improvement from the Liposome on my shoulder, although I was getting much better-quality sleep and felt more rested in general.

About a week in my shoulder was noticeably different, much less painful and much more mobile, a few days after that all of the symptoms for my frozen shoulder had completely gone, it was literally life changing!

I went back to see the Consultant when I cancelled the operation and he was astounded at the difference in a few weeks, being from a medical background he did not necessarily want to put it down to the CBD, but he could not give any other explanation.

Since then, not a day goes by with my taking CBD drops, or capsules, or my trusted Liposomes, I’m a complete convert and speak passionately about it to friends and family, who also now have their own stories to tell.

I am such a convert, that I am now an investor and shareholder in, it is our mission to bring the very best quality and most effective CBD products on the market to as many people as possible and hopefully hear their journey’s and success stories along the way.

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