Low Energy Levels? Here is how CBD can help

Low Energy Levels? Here is how CBD can help

Summer seems like a beautiful distant memory. We don’t know about you but the cold weather and darker evenings have definitely left us feeling more tired and thank is already running on empty by Tuesday evening. 

What causes low energy

Although it is easy to blame our low energy on the miserable weather there are actually many biological factors that cause it. It is thought that physical and mental energy are stimulated by the hypothalamus in the brain that is responsible for a large range of bodily processes. 

The hypothalamus is a sensitive thing, and can be disturbed by any number of bodily changes leading to chronic fatigue. A lack of exercise, poor diet and poor sleep can all contribute to low energy. Our brain needs all these things well balanced in order to maintain a healthy energy reserve. 

Similarly, mental health is important. Anxiety and Depression can drain the brain of its ability to provide the body with energy. Rebalancing the chemicals in your brain, to try and improve your mood is essential for putting energy levels up too. 

CBD and Low Energy

There is already much existing discussion on how CBD can help improve sleep. It interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, attaching itself to the body’s stimuli that cause the bodies sleep/wake cycle. 

In a similar way, CBD, by interacting with that same system can improve energy levels. The brain is full of cannabinoid receptors that will take in CBD that is consumed. Taking CBD means it can regulate the function of the hypothalamus that controls energy, essentially correcting an imbalance. 

Other Benefits

As well as correcting the imbalance that cause low energy and fatigue, taking CBD for this will have other, knock on benefits which are good to be aware of, like: 

Improved Cognitive function - Many athletes use CBD to improve their focus and performance in a workout. In a similar way CBD can be used to help improve concentration ensuring you get all your jobs done!

Stress and Anxiety management - CBD can stabilize the nervous system. The CBD interacts with cannabinoid type 1 receptors and serotonin and other receptors in the brain to regulate anxiety- induced behaviours.  

Skin -  Although not linked as much with low energy, poor sleep and insufficient exercise can impact your skin health. To improve dryness and stop tired skin, CBD can be applied topically in the form of CBD balms and CBD creams. CBD creams may reduce skin inflammation, redness and pain associated with common skin conditions like eczema, acne and psoriasis.  

Our Advice

If you’ve decided that CDB may just be the boost your energy levels need, remember CBD doesn’t work over night. Rather, CBD taking regularly over a longer period of time will ensure you get the best out of your new CBD product. 

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