How To Make The Best Loose Leaf CBD Tea

How to make the best loose leaf CBD tea

Combing the nation’s favourite hot drink with the natural health benefits of CBD couldn’t sound any better to us. Read through our handy tips & hints on how to use loose leaf CBD tea properly to get maximum results.

Why CBD loose leaf?

Cannabidiol or ‘CBD’ is derived from the Hemp plant and can provide many health and wellness benefits to any user. CBD loose leaf tea tends to not contain THC which is the psychoactive element that gives marijuana its characteristic ‘high’, meaning CBD products are safe and are side-effect free.

A cup of CBD infused loose leaf tea is a great way to receive the benefits of CBD. With anti-inflammatory and stress relieving properties that, along with handpicked dried flowers and plants provide the wellness antioxidant boost your body needs. Tea-drinking also provides powerful antioxidants to help digestion and rid the body of unnecessary toxins in the gut region too.

The convenience of a tea bag can not be understated. However as we are being encouraged to become more eco-friendly with our everyday products it is little switches like this that can make all the difference.

The usual shop-bought tea bags contain high amounts of microplastics, which can be harmful to ingest and easily infiltrate domestic drinking water ending up in natural ecosystems. A switch to loose leaf  tea or ethically sourced tea bags is a great and easy switch for any environmentally conscious tea-drinker out there.

If tea bags are easier for you there are plenty of companies that use environmentally friendly tea bag casings with zero microplastics. If you want to make the switch to loose leaf it is a brilliant opportunity to treat yourself to a gorgeous new teapot and tea drinking gifts – Who could say no to a new teapot?!

We believe CBD loose leaf tea provides a purer tasting brew that the ordinary tea bag simply can't replicate. With lots of different flavours and tea packed with other essential oils, tea drinking is an ideal area to welcome the benefits of CBD into your everyday routine.

How to use Loose leaf CBD tea?

Here is a little step by step guide to brewing loose leaf CBD tea:

  1. Like any tea, get your water boiling. Kettle or stove boiled - it’s totally up you and your preference, but boiling water is essential for the correct Tea infusion.

  2. Select your flavour of CBD tea. Use the amount stated on the packet, however we usually recommend a teaspoon of loose leaf tea to provide a great infusion for one person's cup of tea. For sharing tea pots, it is of course dependant on the size of the pot, but we usually say one teaspoon of loose leaf per person or maybe 1 tablespoon if it’s just for you.

  3. If you are brewing with a teapot with an in-built tea strainer then you just pour the boiling water into the pot through the tea strainer, which will have your tea in. If a teapot sounds a bit too extravagant there are now individual tea strainers for mugs that are like reusable tea-bags.

  4. Brewing time is dependant on your taste and how potent you like your tea to be. Depending on the brand and flavour you pick we recommend anywhere from 2 - 6 minutes brewing time for teapots.

  5. All the tea leaves are easily composable. Because of the freshness of the loose leaf, you can use the tea leaves again for your second cup too. Sweeten your tea with locally sourced honey or unrefined sugar to taste and let the CBD tea do wonders for your body. Enjoy!

Our Teas

We are really proud of the tea products and brands we offer on Hemprove. They range in flavour and CBD potencies. Whether you are looking for a relaxing bedtime tea or a tea to help digestion we are sure we can help you find the right CBD tea that will suit your needs!

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