Can CBD help Nausea?

Can CBD help Nausea?

Whether it is a touch of travel sickness, or from an existing condition, Nausea should not be stopping you from feeling 100%. 

Recent research has indicated that CBD may provide relief from nausea caused by a variety of conditions.


What is Nausea?

Nausea is normally a discomfort in the stomach that often comes with the horrible feeling you need to vomit. 

It usually comes with a tightness in the stomach or indigestion which is hard to snap out of once it comes. 

Despite the horrible feeling, nausea is actually a defence mechanism by the body to quickly get rid of something bad you may have ingested.


What is CBD?

CBD or ‘cannabidiol’ is a chemical compound known as a cannabinoid found natural in the cannabis and Hemp plants. 

As sold in the UK, CBD does not contain ‘THC’ which is the chemical responsible for giving cannabis it’s characteristic ‘high’ feeling. 

CBD is safe, non-psychotic and numerous studies have suggested it has multiple health and therapeutic uses. 

The main role of CBD as it interact with the endocannabinoid system, is to return the body to homeostasis. Homeostasis is when the body is at its happy middle place, where your temperature and physiological systems are all in sync.


How can CBD help Nausea?

Nausea occurs when neurons are send signals to the Central Nervous system to induce nausea or vomiting. These signals will then be sent to the gastrointestinal system causing the muscles to spasm and induce vomit.

In recent studies, CBD has been shown to prevent the severity of nausea. CBD interacts with serotonin receptors in the brain. Taken long term, CBD can regulate Serotonin levels, so they are less likely to induce the feeling to vomit.

CBD is also an antispasmodic. This means it can interact with the muscles in the abdomen, preventing them from spasming and therefore causing a person to vomit.


What CBD products are best for Nausea?


CBD Oil drops - We offer a wide variety of CBD capsules and CBD drops with varying percentages of CBD in. We recommend for first time users to go for lower percentage levels and adjust according to how your body receives the CBD. 

Vape - There is a wide variety of CBD vape and CBD e-liquids on offer for vape users.  Great also, as you are not ingesting something which may irritate your stomach further.  

CBD Mouth Spray - We think this is the ideal CBD product for Nausea, as you often don’t feel like eating when your feeling sick. Applying ‘sublingually’ or under the tongue is the bodies faster method of absorption, meaning you will receive the benefits in the shortest amount of time.

CBD Oil creams/balms - These offer varied levels of potency and are good if you are looking for joint or muscle pain relief as they can be applied topically. There are also a number of soothing CBD shower and bath products, ideal for a wind out after a sick day.


Browse and Choose

We pride ourselves at Hemprove in selecting the best products for our customers. We were closely with all our suppliers ensuring they upholding the highest production standards for CBD oil products. 

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