Best CBD Oil For Anxiety 2021?

Best CBD Oil For Anxiety 2021?

In 2021, Anxiety is one of, if not the most common mental health challenge of our generation. Millions of people across the UK suffer from anxiety, with many of them now turning towards alternative herbal remedies in search of natural replacements for common pharmaceutical medications. CBD has now been proven successful on multiple occasions and in multiple studies in fighting anxiety and with little to no side effects. This has sparked a new wave of people who previously weren’t interested in CBD products, searching for the best way to help their anxiety.

Whilst CBD is gaining in popularity, and more CBD products are becoming readily available on both high streets and online stores or marketplaces, there is still relatively little scientific research to back the claims made by a lot of CBD product manufacturers and that is why it is so important to fully understand exactly what you are buying and to make sure to choose products from companies & brands that are 3rd party lab testing their products and make the results openly available to all customers, suppliers & sellers alike.

To try and help you find the very best CBD products for anxiety, available in the UK currently, we have created a shortlist of some of the best CBD products that are available on Hemprove for you to select.



Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum or Isolate?

You have probably already seen these three types of extract mentioned somewhere as you have searched for the best CBD product for your requirements.

Simply put, the main difference between full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD is just which cannabis compounds they contain.

If a CBD product contains several naturally occurring cannabis plant extracts, such as the terpenes and other cannabinoids (including up to 0.3% of the THC compound), then it is more than likely going to be classed as ‘full spectrum’ CBD.

Broad spectrum CBD also contains several cannabis plant compounds that full spectrum extract contains too, however it typically tends to be entirely THC-free. That being said, there can be trace amounts (0.02% or less) of THC in ‘broad spectrum’ CBD products.

CBD isolate is the third most common form of CBD extract. This is the most pure form of CBD that there is, containing no other cannabis plant compounds other than CBD.


Best CBD Products For Anxiety

When it comes to anxiety, we have broken it down into 5 key categories.

Sleep, Stress, Mood, Pain & Brain Function.

Here are some of (not restricted to) the methods of getting your daily dose of CBD and how it could potentially help.


  • CBD Coffee/Tea – Mood & Stress


  • Massage Oil – Stress


  • Rollerballs – Stress


  • Balms/Rubs – Pain


  • E-Liquid – Stress & Brain Function


  • CBD Oil 1500mg and less – Sleep, Mood & Stress


  • CBD Oil 1500mg and more – Pain & Brain Function


  • Edibles/Capsules/Softgels – Stress, Mood & Sleep


  • Isolate – Pain, Brain & Mood


That being said, here are some of our personal favourites for anxiety as a whole:

#3. - Endoca 300mg CBD+CBDa RAW Hemp Oil Drops

Endoca's 300mg CBD + CBDa RAW Hemp Oil Drops may seem like a relatively low strength compared to the other 2 products but this product has a subtle trick hidden up it's sleeve. The power of CBDa. CBDa can effect serotonin levels in the body which is key for a normal sleeping pattern so this is the oil for anybody looking for improved sleep.


#2. - Orange County CBD 3000mg Organic Coconut Oil

Orange County's 3000mg CBD Tincture is a multi-award-winning CBD product that deserves all the accolades it has and more. This strength oil, and the one strength above (6000mg) are for anyone who is looking to manage their pain to the best of their ability through very high quality, lab tested raw ingredients.


#1. - Pachamama 750mg CBD Tincture Oil

Pachamama 750mg CBD Oil

Pachamama's 750mg CBD Tincture comes in 4 outstanding flavour profiles. From Black Pepper & Turmeric and Ylang Ylang & Basil to more conventional flavours like Green Tea & Natural this tincture is a great choice for those looking to maximise their brain function whilst still being completely grounded and focused on the task at hand, still feeling relaxed with an overall sense of well-being.

Before taking any CBD products however, we would always recommend a healthy diet, lifestyle and social life alongside consulting your Doctor or Physician prior to beginning your CBD journey. 


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