Benefits of using CBD for your pets

Benefits of using CBD for your pets & animals.  

Whether you are a proud pet owner already using CBD oil products yourself, or just wondering if the benefits you could receive from CBD oil would also work for your pampered pets, you’re in luck. There is growing research and CBD products on offer that are just as good for pets and animals as they are for me or you, meaning they can receive the same healing and wellbeing benefits of CBD oil as any human can! 

How it works  

Both cats and dogs have endocannabinoid systems (EDS), meaning they can receive the same benefits when absorbing CBD oil as humans do.  

The EDS in dogs, just as in humans is the system responsible for maintain the body’s happy balance in terms of nerve and pain responses. The system is slightly different however in dogs.  

Dogs have a lot more CB1 receptors in their brains, meaning THC can be toxic to them. THC is the psychotic element that gives Cannabis it’s well-known, ‘high’ feeling. Luckily UK law does not allow the sale of CBD oil with a higher THC than 2% and especially with those who sell CBD oil especially for animals, they ensure they meet all safety standards, regulated by the most recent research.  

To ensure your pets safety always do your research and even consult your Vet for further advice on correct dosages, in line with your pets size and weight.  

The benefits 

CBD oil, used appropriately with pets, can provide many of the stress and pain relieving benefits humans enjoyed from CBD oil use. A number of national studies and anecdotal evidence suggests that for dogs CBD can be especially helpful for: 

  • Appetite stimulation - a change in eating habits for any pet can be a cause for concern. CBD oil for pets can speed up your dogs metabolism and increase their appetite.  
  • Phobias and Stress - Unfamiliar places and stressful situations can lead to Stress and anxiety, and even in some cases, depression in dogs. CBD oil use can create a more mellow mood for pets without the psychotic effects. The CBD oil works with the dogs Endocannabinoid system, (ECS) which is the system that regulates the dog’s nerves. It can also reduce the secretion of the stress hormone (cortisol) and alleviate hyper activity in the brain.  
  • Certain Digestive problems - Similar the being an appetite stimulator, CBD oil for pets can also work as a nausea relieving supplement. The ECS is made up of certain receptors, and large quantity of these receptors are present in a dogs digestive system. In recent lab studies CBD has been proven to improve intestinal functions as well as triggering the muscles and enzymes responsible for the digestive tract.  
  • Joint inflammation and stiffness - CBD oil has been shown to fight joint inflammation. Again, attaching itself to the body’s natural ECS system it can target pain and inflammation across the varying areas of the body. This can be through CBD oil or some CBD oil that is specially designed for pets.  

Best products 

Depending on your pets ailment, there are a number of products and different ways of consuming that allow the alleviation of problems, such as those above. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the most appropriate product for your pet.  

  • Quality of Ingredients - Be smart. Always check if a company uses harmful pesticides when growing their Hemp plants for CBD and Hemp oil extraction. If it seems apparent they use such pesticides, look for a more naturally grown and source product, as these added chemicals will be harmful for your pet.
  • Potency and Concentration - Read labels and seek your Vets advice. Different pet targeted CBD oil products will have differing percentages of the CBD compound. One percentage, may work well for one dog, which doesn’t work well for another. Always pick appropriately for your pets size, age and weight.
  • Flavour and Cost -  Look closely what you want out of the product for your pet and what you are actually paying for in the product. There are CBD oils specially design for pets which can be put into their normal food or dropped under their tongue, these usually cause the fastest benefits for your pet. However there are nutritious treats for pets infused with CBD oil where the content of the CBD compound has been carefully measured.  


Overall there isn’t too much to worry about when it comes to give your dog CBD oil. The side effects, if they occur are pretty mild, and will often be a signal to reduce their dosage. Again, always seek advice from your pet, if you are unsure about their particular health needs. Hemprove works with suppliers and constantly seeks evidence and lab reports of all the products they have for sale, to give you the safety and assurance you are picking the correct product for you and your pet.

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