Orange County 2000mg 86% CBD Pure Extract & Syringe (2ml)

  • 2000mg of CBD Per Syringe
  • Multi-Award-Winning
  • 2ml of Extract Per Syringe
  • THC Free
Orange County 2000mg 86% CBD Pure Extract & Syringe (2ml) - Hemprove UK

Orange County 2000mg 86% CBD Pure Extract & Syringe (2ml)

  • 2000mg of CBD Per Syringe
  • Multi-Award-Winning
  • 2ml of Extract Per Syringe
  • THC Free
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For those CBD pioneers out there Orange County are offering their most powerful product: a pure CBD extract.

Their broad spectrum CBD extract offers you 2000mg of their multi-award-winning CBD with nothing in the way. At an 86% concentration you’ll only need the smallest drop to get a full days dose of CBD.

Consisting of 86% concentration of pure broad spectrum CBD, they’ve packed 2000mg of CBD into a little over 2ml of product. Leaner than even their 6000mg CBD oil, this extremely concentrated sample is the best way to infuse their multi-award-winning CBD into your preferred delivery method.

Delivered in a syringe with precise measurement markings and a carefully designed applicator head, you’ll be able to measure your dose with extreme accuracy and apply it with ease, whether taken sublingually (under the tongue) or buccally (via the cheek and gums).

Whether you’re giving some home baked brownies an extra kick, brewing a vat of bespoke oils or e-liquids in your shed, or innovating a line of CBD empowered skincare, their pure CBD extract avoids even mundane additives to give you the absolute best in infusing methods.

As a broad spectrum product, their CBD extract contains a wealth of cannabinoids designed to work alongside and enhance the CBD content, thanks to a principle known as the entourage effect.

The notable exception is THC, which has been completely removed, ensuring that you have a product entirely devoted to your CBD experience above all else.

This product is a fantastic way to start to experience the benefits of CBD and also help in finding the perfect balance for your body.

HemproveUK look to offer only the highest quality, premium CBD products to both our customers & market alike and Orange County CBD's CBD Oil is definitely what we would consider a premium product!

HemproveUK can offer full lab reports or plant profile data sheets on all of our sold products.

Our CBD extract is the purest form of CBD we sell, operating at an extremely high concentration with 2000mg of CBD packed into a little over 2ml of product. Because of this we recommend that only experienced CBD users dose with our CBD extract and urge for extreme care to be taken when they do.

When using CBD extract place the syringe in a glass of warm water (making sure the cap is secured first) for a few minutes to ensure ease of dispensation, however you prefer to take your extract, apply pressure to the plunger with great care and pay close attention to how much is being administered.

As well as 'sublingually' and 'buccally' our CBD extract can also be taken topically; rubbed onto the skin and absorbing through hair follicles to deliver CBD to a specific area of the body, rather than simply entering the bloodstream.

Broad Spectrum hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD) 2000mg (86% concentrate).

Orange County CBD

Orange County CBD has earned the trust and admiration of communities the world over. The company has its roots in beautiful Northern California, USA. It's there where the Directors' source the high-quality cannabidiol used for their CBD products.

Now based in the UK, Orange Country strives to revolutionise the European market. In an ever-evolving and innovative industry, they remain frontrunners. OC CBD offers a full spectrum, wide range catalogue that includes CBD oils, CBD gummies and edibles, CBD vape juice, CBD skincare, and more. But, as always, there is plenty more cooking away in Research and Development for the future.

The number one goal is to provide the world with a 100% natural and affordable CBD range. They want to contribute to more happy lives, and the results speak for themselves. Or at least they would if their award-winning items didn't do all the talking for them. As a CBD brand, Orange County has claimed 18 international awards to date.

Orange County cannabidiol is grown and harvested in a Government certified, non-GMO facility. When ready, the CBD extract becomes first-rate products in a certified, state of the art lab. OC manufactures all products with scientific thoroughness and homegrown pride. The advanced, solvent-free methods ensure a safe, pesticide-free process. The production and quality assurance is market-leading. What's more — it's also incredibly exciting.

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