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CBD Asylum 500mg CBD Pro Balm

  • The most advanced muscle rub on the market today
  • Contains 500mg of CBD
  • Provides deep relief for muscular tension & injuries
  • Contains PRO blend™ – our proprietary blend of super oils
  • Pomegranate Seed Oil to provide unsurpassed penetration rates
  • Great with PRO Shot & PRO Oil for the ultimate recovery system
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    CBDAsylum’s pro balm contains a massive 500mg of CBD but it now also combines all the natural benefits of the pro blend found in CBDAsylum’s best-selling pro oils too!

    Pro balm being mixed with these super oils has resulted in this balm becoming one of the most potent muscle rubs on the market to date, ideal for sports & fitness lovers alike to help with post workout recovery.

    This product is 100% THC-free, safe and legal to use.

    And people wonder why major athletes are utilising all of the natural benefits of CBD to improve training & performance.

    This product is a fantastic way to start to experience the benefits of CBD and also help in finding the perfect balance for your body.

    HemproveUK look to offer only the highest quality, premium CBD products to both our customers & market alike and CBDAsylum’s CBD pro balm is definitely what we would consider a premium product!

    HemproveUK can offer full lab reports or plant profile data sheets on all of our sold products.


    As we recommend with all of our products, if you have no previous experience of CBD then start with a small amount and gradually build it up to the right amount that works for you. Everyone is different and people consume CBD in a variety of different ways for different reasons.