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Aifory CBD

Aifory do not use strains of cannabis of questionable quality. That's why they have their very own hemp plantations located in the mild and grow-friendly climate of Switzerland and Spain. Under the soft sun rays, grows some of the best strains of cannabis with high content of useful cannabidiol and low content of THC.

Aifory provides ultra precise control over the quality of their seeds, their strains and their consistency. The company holds thorough investigations in to their labs to ensure the best quality of raw material is extracted from their plantations. Aifory also have great attention to detail when it comes to the process of growing medical cannabis itself. It includes timelines of watering, fertilising and harvesting. There are no pesticides or GMOs involved in their circle of growing cannabis either.

Check out their quality range, which includes CBD oil, CBD capsules, delicious CBD gummies, and so much more.